Walk the Walk (Show #247)

  • Chit chat: drink check, awkward segueing
  • Prolific gardening: the squash sickness, milspec tomato cages, planting at my sister’s, (pause to waive at the neighbors), sharing the produce, walking sticks eat our mint leaves
  • Kitchen Konfidential: the date is set, driving to get the mesquite, surprising the wood, sorting the boards, another “thing you can get in the back of a Prius”, cabinet fixin, no kitchen for a month, finding tiny ovens, Sears is cool (who knew?), new freezer, granite is fun!
  • Potentially stalking podcasters in OregonReturn to the studio
  • California: Shelly the film geek, seeing 2 rare Spencer Tracy films, travel tips, lunch in Santa Monica, whisky bar, booze sexism, dinner in LA, double-decker tourist, wandering into a Beverly Hills hotel, more incredible whiskies, North Face snobs, rare movie night at the Billy Wilder Theaterand out to the porch
  • Drink check: sipping Zacapa 23 and the Ardbeg Alligator, Japanese whisky
  • Thyroid surgery: hospital virgin, medical payment unpredictability, upsetting stuff while groggy, talking to the doc, recovery, my smiley scar, pie and lentils
  • Observing the natives on our street: drivers and children and cell phones
  • iPad stand goodness: podcast with a mic mounted on a microphone stand
  • More ruminations on the murder of walking sticks. and crawfish boils, and more cats
  • Thanks for Web site help
  • Feedback city

walking stick climbs the wall

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