Fickle Felker of Fate (Show #248)

  • Chit chat: why we sound different, drink check
  • Oregon trip: (Rowan stops by to chat), hanging with friends, the Rose Parade, Lost Lake, the beer store and its neighborhood, crazy Texas liquor laws
  • Kitchen Konfidential Kompleat?: down to the ground, slidey mesquite floors, chipped granite(, five-burner stove goodness, small oven, can’t finish the slideshow, Frank’s brass furnace
  • Cooking fun: smoked turkey gumbo, holiday chili
  • Winter garden: spicy lettuce, drying peppers
  • Holidays: Hosting Thanksgiving, Christmas toys
  • New computer: DIY home theater, hacking Frank’s email, new obsession
  • Cross-examination in the community
  • End-of-year vacation: outings with kids, travels to Denton, Frank finds a Felker
  • Tech Talk: iPad Mini critic guys a Mini, new Google Maps app has issues, iTunes 11 sucks
  • Cocktail Talk: Whiskies of the World comes to Austin, donga punch, volcano bowl, planning the spring tiki crawfish boil, 26th anniversary coming up, Jack’s car
  • (Beggin for) Feedback city

donga punch in the volcano bowl

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Link-O-Rama: Belmont Station, German smoked beer, For Whatever Reason, Mackie 402-VLZ3 mixer, Rode NG2 shotgun mic, MythTV, Bar Congress

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