Frisky for Podcasting (Show #249)

      Please excuse the sub-standard audio. I’m not super happy with the feedback my newish mixer gives me. And it was dark outside. I’ll do better next time.

      • Chit chat: long time…, weather, frisky for podcasting, drink check
      • Old Business: kitchen kompleat, road construction thrills Frank, jobless, Catalina
      • Shelly’s book, iOS Access for All
      • About accessibility in social media, and in software
      • 25th Anniversary
      • opossum trot
      • Arizona?
      • About giving blood platelets
      • Family reunion photography
      • Cocktail Talk: Lion’s Tail
      • (Beggin for) Feedback city

Frank enjoys a beer while he watches men dig a hole in our street

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Link-O-Rama: iOS Access for All, my iOS 7 blog post, Maccessibility roundtable podcast, lion’s tail cocktail recipe