High Heels and a Dead Cat (Show #251)

  • Locations and libations
  • SXSW on Ignore
  • Podcast studio mini-makeover and the Fischer-Price compressor
  • Frank breaks and fixes things: vent hood label, retaining wall, Shelly’s remodel memories
  • The unusual career goals of young’uns
  • Helping first graders with homework
  • Good bye Mother Marge
  • Shelly’s book, iOS Access for All: speaking extemperaneously, choosing terminology, and perfecting your video image
  • A brief detour for Apple watch scorn
  • another brief detour to speak of Catalina’s health issues, and where the animals are right now
  • Cocktail/booze Talk: Whisky Advent, Tullamore D.E.W 12 Year Old, and Spirit of Hven Seven Stars No.2 Merak Single Malt
  • (Beggin for) Feedback city

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