The jodie foster of podcasting

We talk Apple, food, sewers, and more. With special guest star, the Fabulous Frank(tm).

  • The sewer line is done: filling up the holes
  • How’s Frank doin?
  • Hammering orangeburg
  • Thanks for the kudos on last week’s show
  • Planning to republish September 3 show
  • Tech Talk: Apple goes overboard…again
  • Dinner at the Crown & Anchor
  • Mailbag
  • Contact info by Steve from the SG Show
  • Music to send e-mail and audio comments by

Link-O-Rama: Redboy Podcast, Me & the Bean, orangeburg (from the Sewer History page), Podcast Morons, Podcast Ready, “Apple Threatens Podcast Ready”, Cheap Date Show, The SG Show

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Break Content: Radio Adventures of Dr. Floyd expo promo, Tike Tazer by Redcorn Industries, “Transmission Two” by Citizen Six on the Podsafe Music Network

Skypestravaganza Sunday!

Skype Meâ„¢!
I will be recording what will become the 100th episode of Shelly’s Podcast on Sunday between 12 PM and 3 PM CST. If you want to participate, e-mail me your skype name and I’ll add you to my contact list. If you’re online during the recording, I might bring you into the conversation.

Just in case you’re wondering, I will be making a show tomorrow, which will be show 98. Then there’s another show before I got to Podcast Expo next week. Show 100 will appear in about a week.

While you’re noodling over all of this, please enjoy this photo of Frank working on the last leg of our sewer pipe. While I’m sitting on my butt in the studio, he’s up o his chest in muck!
Frank standing in a sewer trench

Twiddling the knobs

  • Slicing and dicing the driveway
  • Summer reading: in general, mine, and the president’s
  • Politics: A DeLayed special election, candidate fixing
  • Tech Talk: Crusading for Chinese journalists, Schmidt joins Apple board
  • Mailbag
  • Observations from the Podosphere
  • Music to send e-mail and audio comments by

Link-O-Rama: FoxConn Withdraws Suit, Eric Schmidt Joins Apple Board, Writely, Christiana Talks About Stuff, Nina Kimberly the Merciless, First Person Show, Garmin StreetPilot GPS

This Week’s Music: “I’m Gonna Give My Love To You”, by Sue Foley, “Stress”, by Jim’s Big Ego, on the Podsafe Music Network

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Malled by pigs

  • Thanks to Neil and Borderline
  • Drip, drip, drip
  • Ivar runs away, comes back
  • Gremlin’s cat spasms worry us
  • iProng at Podcast Expo
  • Ten with Mom: the pigs, adorable children, Shelly’s drunken childhood, Shelly’s dubious parentage, and Shelly’s love for her sister
  • Tech Talk: Recall review, Apple pays off Creative, sweatshop whitewash
  • Mailbag
  • Music to send e-mail and audio comments by

Link-O-Rama: Borderline, iProng Radio, LA Podcasters, PowerBook battery recall, Apple pays Creative to go away, CJR Daily examines press coverage of the FoxCon situation, Armchair President

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Break Music: The Spy Surfs on the Podsafe Music Network

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Tastes Like Rubber

Apologies for the wonky audio this week. I know. I know. I promise it’ll be better on the next show.

A bit of general news, plus a “live” water segment. Special thanks to Thumper for making a guest appearance.

Thumper is an orange tabby

  • 100th show on the horizon
  • Hot tub parts
  • Expo excitement
  • Would you buy a t-shirt from this woman?
  • Where’s the water?
  • Smart girls in podcasting

Link-O-Rama: Cheap Date Show, Darcy and Holly Show

This Week’s Music: Supersuckers on the Podsafe Music Network

Break Music The Spy Surfs on the Podsafe Music Network

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No crud

Life without running water, a chat about Apple’s VoiceOver, and some listener mail.

  • Our pipes are leaking
  • Zee and Zed are quitting
  • iProng Radio is growing
  • VoiceOver is speaking
  • E-mailers are writing
  • Random is helping
  • Sayra Liz is playing

Link-O-Rama: Zee and Zed, Ask Lyndon, iProng Radio itunes link, ProTools Accessibility petition, Quirky Nomads, Absolute Science, Women in Podcasting Directory, Sturgeon’s Law

This Week’s Music: Le Tigre, Sarah Elizabeth Campbell and The Banned, “The Car Song”

Break music: “Transition Two”, by Citizen Six, “In The Hollow” by Derek K. Miller both from the Podsafe Music Network

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icast review

Today’s a one-topic show; a mid-week nugget of goodnes.

I review the iCast from SoundCast Systems.

iCast is an iPod dock that transmits audio wirelessly from your iPod to a home stereo or powered speaker system via RF.

SoundCast Systems
iCast Transmitter and Receiver: $299
iCast Receiver: $129

Rating: 4 podcats

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Now with 100 percent more redboy

In this many-themed show, I talk anniversaries, podcasting, and tech. There’s also one more week of Name That Tool, and a little mail to read.

  • 16th anniversary of the ADA
  • First anniversary of my roof caving in
  • Waterproof parking tickets
  • Pimping my many many guest appearances and a new show
  • Podcast Award picks
  • Name That Tool, week 5
  • Tech Talk
  • Mailbag
  • Subliminal contact info by the Redboy Podcast family
  • Music to send e-mail and audio comments by

Link-O-Rama: Redboy Podcast, Podcast Morons, Wanna Watch A Movie?, Quirky Nomads, iProng and the podcast feed, Podcast Awards, Microsoft Zune, Apple may rent movies, Apple will repair discolored PowerBooks, Israelisms

This Week’s Music: “Mr. Atom”, by Hurts To Purr, “Bulldozers on the Loose”, by Rock and Roll Stormtroopers on The Podsafe Music Netowrk
Break music by Vincent Van Go Go and The Shapes.

My Podcast Awards Picks

tool number five
This week’s clue: name that tool

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A plastical thing

• Show 90!
• More show milestones
• The heat wave
• Biking around town
• Not Juiced
• Name That Tool, week 4
• Tech Talk: Digging and MySpace
• The Deconstructionist: The panicky American press, Bush talks with his mouth full, the fresh squeezed values agenda, ARMPAC will twist no more arms
• Contact info with special guest, Will
• Music to send e-mail and audio comments by

Link-O-Rama: Tracy-Hepburn Podcast, Hollywood on the Radio, Len from Jawbone Radio, Summer Jo’s, Grants Pass, Oregon, Waterloo Cycles, Tour de France coverage (in English), Feedburner, Slate: This Isn’t World War III, Houston Chronicle: PAC tied to DeLay, Fined, Shutting Down, SmartBomb Radio

This Week’s Music: “Breathe” by Sistas in the Pit, “Angeline” by George Fletcher & Bourbon Renewal, on the Podsafe Music Network

tool number four
This week’s clue: name that tool

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Booze and politics

• Home alone
• Relatives descend
• Singing and drinking
• Name That Tool, week 2
• The Deconstructionist premiers, bringing politics to the show

Notes; All of last week’s Name That Tool guesses were correct. Also, thanks To Kevin for the bumper, and Joe to the pointer to the “My Cousin Vinny” clip.

tool number two
This week’s clue: name that tool

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Pickle faves have been reset

It didn’t happen until the wee hours of July 4, but Podcast Pickle’s favorites are now reset, as I mentioned they would be on last week’s show. So if the spirit moves you, I would love it if you would add me as a fave. Thanks!!

Please Pickle me:

Hot tubs and GPS (wait, those don’t go together!)

• July 4: Italians versus Germans
• Hot tub horrors
• Premier of “Name That Tool”
• Subscribe to the newsletter and Pickle me while you’re at it
• The high-priced hand-held GPS
• NFB reader: talk about your camera phone
• Mailbag
• Music to send e-mail and audio comments by
Note that during the show, I mistakenly call the Garmin StreetPilot the StreetTalk. So sorry.

tool number one
This week’s clue: name that tool

Link-O-Rama: The Big Show, Garmin StreetPilot c540, Garmin Nuve 360, Kurzweil NFB reader, “Atlantica” by Speed Limit 35 on the Podsafe Music Network

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Show delayed by 24

Hey kids. I have a show planned for you, but I won’t be able to put it out on the feed until tomorrow. I’ve been fiddling around with a new audio setup and I am so dang tired after a morning spent twisting knobs and redoing cables that I don’t have the energy to record. If you’re looking for something to do while you wait, why not sign up for the Trypod Network newsletter, or rate Shelly’s Podcast on Yahoo Podcasts? Just scroll down to find out how.

Or you could gaze upon Frank’s latest in-progress home project. Film at 11.

hot tub at 45 degree angle on cinder blocks

Not as cranky as i seem

Today’s show could be more cheerful. But then again, I was stone cold sober when I recorded it, so what can you expect?

• Juneteenth
• Dinner with dad
• Goin to Podcast Expo
• Cars propaganda
• No global warming for me
• Americans hate soccer (yawn)
• Don’t prejudge Apple’s sweatshop
• Direct Download
• Mailbag
• Music to send e-mail and audio comments by

Link-O-Rama: Juneteenth, Daft Musings, Podcast Expo, Alamo Drafthouse, Wicked Good Podcast, iPod maker accused of sweatshop practices, Apple promises to investigate sweatshop allegations, Jawbone Radio, MST3K, “Dangerous Things” from George Fletcher & Bourbon Renewal

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Have a vienna sausage

Anyone care to guess the first voice heard in this week’s show? It’s someone I’ve mentioned, but who has never appeared on this or any podcast.

• It’s not the humidity, it’s the heat
• Spicing up the kitchen
• Kitty seizure (not a repo)
• Maine, part 2: Inns in Maine, Forks, Washington busybody, why bed and breakfast life does not suit us, eat!, hunting for the right GPS, will work for gadgets or dirt
• Direct Download
• Mailbag
• Music to send e-mail and audio comments by

Link-O-Rama: Tracy-Hepburn Podcast, Hollywood On The Radio, Penzey’s Spices, A Fresh Review, Borderline, Me on Quirky Nomads, President’s Weekly Radio Address, and Shelly’s favorite episode, squirrel link 1, squirrel link 2, Photographing Squirrels, The Subways on the Podsafe Music Network

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Rock lobstah

• The squirrels ate my Internet
• Shelly joins the Trypod Network
• Even more MacBook
• Down East with the Fabulous Frank
• Driving through Maine in the yellow car
• Playing tourist in Baaa Hahbah
• Maine-brewed beer
• Missing Barley & Hops
• Too many iPods
• New podbabies
• Mailbag
• Music to send e-mail and audio comments by

Link-O-Rama: Cheryl Wheeler Mailing List, Trypod Network, Comedy4Cast, Redboy Podcast, Cheap Date Show, Zaldor’s World, Me and the Bean, Kickass Podcast, 3 Blind Mice on the Podsafe Music Network, GROW Podcast

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Meet the macbook

• I’m baaack
• Interviewing famous people: Rene Auberjonois
• Asking for things
• Meeting the MacBook: a first look at my new computer, with special guest, Bill Palmer
• Second Life follow-up
• The shownotes voice track
• Mailbag
• Music to send e-mail and audio comments by

Link-O-Rama: For What It’s Worth, Rene Auberjonois on IMDB, Turbo Blender, Apple MacBook, iProng, Borderline, Redboy Podcast, Poddog Show, Wicked Good Podcast, Captain WAM on the Podsafe Music Network

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I got a macbook!

I’ve never purchased an Apple product on the first day it was available…until yesterday. I’m typing on my new white MacBook right now. I’m traveling soon, so I won’t be able to do a formal review for awhile. But since I know you’re dying to hear about the MacBook, I’m planning a little recording project with friends that I hope you’ll like. Watch the blog and the podcast feed for more.

A very meta shelly’s podcast

• A stitch in time
• Two weeks of “special” shows coming up
• The Internet is restored
• Show note it, baby
• Second Life madness
• Toe jammed
• Comment an iPod audio interfaces
• Miners and iPods
• Podcast Sweeps Month
• Mailbag
• Music to send e-mail and audio comments by

For the second wek in a row I neglected to record a Direct Download. I had thought of one though, and I’ll share in a couple of weeks.

Link-O-Rama: The Big Show, The Poddog Show, Podcheck Review, Second Life, Tasmanian miners free, Trypod Network, Cheap Date Show, Ten with Tom, Jean Synodinos

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The rain ate my show

• Happy Cinco de Mayo
• Bad week
• Good party
• MacGathering panel
• Which promo is the better promo
• Audio interface for the iPod (and accompanying rant)
• Shoutouts
• Music to send e-mail and audio comments by

Link-O-Rama: MacGathering, InformationWeek on the iPod audio interface, audio interface patent details, Cheap Date Show, Digger’s Story, The Half Show, Kickass Podcast, Jean Synodinos web site

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The promo show!

It’s episode 75. Diamonds are a podcaster’s best friend.

• Promo news and contest
• Poll results
• Buy local
• Windows on a Mac
• why paid podcast and TV show models won’t be around forever
• The Direct Download
• Shoutouts and stuff
• Listener mail
• Music to send audio comments and e-mail by

Link-O-Rama: Shelly’s Podcast promo, Easy iPod and iTunes, Caraworks (voice work by Scott Fletcher), Madtown Aces Audio Productions, Windows on a Mac Mini, Redboy Podcast, The Big Show, Zee and Zed, Slau, Darcy and Holly Show, Keemecast, JawboneThe Shapes on the Podsafe Music Network