This is an absolute scream. You have to hear this!

Darcy and Holly are a blind couple with a podcast. In this “special episode” they take on a driving game that’s designed for the blind. But as Holly says, “friends don’t let friends drive blind”.

Is it funnier to me because I love driving games?

Reviews, feedback, and doubtful humor

Live from the Podcast Studio(tm). Find out which iPod gadget I’ve been playing with this week as I launch the first product review segment. In related news, a contest winner is announced. You’ll also learn what’s in my voicemail box, and whether or not I’m humorous on a scale of 1-10.

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A special guest appearance

Deb Shadovitz and I intended to record a short wrapup of Macworld Expo for Victor Cajiao, host of the Typical Mac User podcast. We talked for an hour and figured Victor would edit us into a short segment. Instead, he posted the conversation as a special show on his feed. Check it out for thoughts on the keynote, and a few obscure show highlights. (Can there be an obscure highlight? Hmm.)

Eat more pickles

Wow! I’ve been away from The Podcast Pickle for most of a week, and when I checked in today, I discovered that this program, Shelly’s Podcast, is in the Top 25, based on Pickle favorites. You guys are the best audience in the universe.

If you haven’t added me as a favorite on Podcast Pickle, please use this link below to help me crack the Top 20.

Thank you all for listening and supporting the show.

Google’s logo is in braille today

Big f ing deal!

For a more cogent and family-friendly response, I refer you to this post from Jeff Bishop. He’s absolutely right.

“Today is Louis Braille’s birthday and in celebration of that fact Google has made their logo done up in Braille characters. OK Google, nice, but why don’t you actually do something useful like fix your visual verification issues for blind computer users, now that would be a nice gift. Don’t worry, it won’t happen. I am afraid it is going to take court action to get Google to move. I sincerely hope I am wrong.”

A podcast christmas carol is here!

A podcast Christmas Carol
Written, performed and produced by some of your favorite podcasters, A Podcast Christmas Carol makes its debut this holiday season. It’s a retelling of Dickens’ A Christmas Carol with a podcast twist. I am an associate producer and co-writer,and I’ve got a little part, too. Can you find me without looking at the cast list? Subscribe to the feed and get the show at the site, download the promo.

Podcasting from macworld expo

As usual, I will be covering Macworld Expo in San Francisco, January 9-13. I’ll be podcasting live from the third annual Party For The People on Tuesday, January 10 at the Ranaisance Parc 55. My podcast will be sponsored by the good folks at M-Audio, and you will hear it if you are a subscriber to this feed.

If you’re coming to Macworld Expo, join as at the Party For The People. All you need to get in is a Macworld attendee badge. Stop by and say hello.

Happy whatever you’re having

Podcasting from my boudoir direct to your earbuds, it’s the long-awaited return of Shelly’s Podcast. Today it’s news of podcast wars (the good kind), the holidays, and a remodeling wrap-up. I play not one, but two podsafe songs for you, and explain why my life as a book author is so so trying.

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Announcing the winner of the Shelly’s Co-Host For A Day contest. Also, I blather on and on and on about Portable Media Expo.

I’ve been christened Sandy the Squirrel by the crew from Borderline.

Podcast pickle live from the expo!

I’m part of Podcast Pickle’s live podcast from Portable Media Expo in Ontario, CA. If you’re at expo, come by at 11 AM on Saturday November 12 to watch me do a short show. If you’re not at expo, subscribe to the feed to hear all the podcasters doing their shows here. You will also be able to download shows from the Pickle page. I will add my segment to my feed as well. Some of my pals will be podcasting too, including Aaron from The Big Show, Rob from Podcast411, Dan Klass from The Bitterest Pill, and Mark Jeffrey from The Pocket and the Pendant.

The podcast rig is set up in my hotel room, and I’ll have more from expo, including the winner of the Co-Host For A Day contest. I also have the iRiver, so there’s a chance of some show floor recording as well. Stay tuned.

Vote tally update

Just a quick update to let everyone know the current standings in the Shelly’s Co-Host For A Day contest.

As of 1:50 PM Central on Sunday, 11/6, the top three vote getters are:

1) Kevin
2) Aaron
3) Carolyn

If you haven’t voted, you still have a chance to influence the vote.

Contesting the facts

Update: After this show was uploaded, we had two more contest entreas. Yea! I’ll do a short contest entry show tomorow or the next day.

My pleas for contest entries continue, I talk more about remodeling and iPods, and there’s even a baseball follow-up.

Enter the contest

Update: I’ve been asked whether the winner of the guest co-host contest will have a permanent gig or not. Actually, I’m looking for someone to co-host a single show to be recorded in early/mid-November.

It’s a wide-ranging show today, beginning with a big contest announcement, and rambling on through some tech, the saga of the Disabilities node, and rolling to s gentle stop after a personal podcast pick and some shout outs.

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Smeagol: your friday podcat

Smeagol, pictured below, won the first Friday podcat poll. Thank you all for voting. Smeagol had twice the votes of Gremlin and Weasel. Ivar and Eric, who received no votes, are inconsolable.

smeagol currled up behind a rocking chair's runners
You know that expression about nervous cats in rooms full of rocking chairs? Does Smeagol look nervous to you?