Fireball! (Show #199)

Frank and I are joined this week by Rod and Chrystal of Life of Spaguy’s Wife. The spapeople were kind enough to host us at their cabin on Pitt Lake, British Columbia. We also shared some cocktails, as I’m sure you’ll be able to tell.

  • Chit Chat: Propane could explode, what we’ze drinking (with apologies to Borderline) old, new, borrowed, blue, Frank offers to steal booze from other cabins

  • Shelly & Frank’s Travelogue, Seattle edition: We love Ivar’s a LOT, navigating Seattle transit because cars are silly, Museum of Flight, cocktails at Zig Zag Cafe, Vancouver cocktail recommendations

  • Happy Birthday to Me: Riding the train to Vancouver, customs questioning, Shelly tries to tell east from north, birthday dinner with Lorna, Jim, Manager John, and Charlene, brewpub line-up, Rod lies about my beer-drinking habits

  • i don’t call, or use data plans in Canada

  • Our wildlife encounter(tm)

  • No phones, no lights, no motorcars: (shooter break), Frank moves rocks, the boys bond over maintenance, observing the ways people care for the beach and their cabins, Shelly lies in a hammock and plays Tetris, almost out of ice, delicious dinners, Frank reminisces about Kol-Draft Ice, boat ride, Frank takes a tumble, fire by the beach, Neo the dog, (shooter break), outdoor showering, kids, closing lovefest

Link-O-Rama: Life of Spaguy’s Wife, Borderline, Zig Zag Cafe, The Cocktail Spirit, Tastes Like Burning, Fireball, The Redboy Podcast, Frank falls down (video), dock in a storm (video)

Extra Minty

Frank joins me for tonight’s show, causing the usual challenges to your podcast producer.

  • Drink check: Maredsous 8 and 10
  • News: Ted the tree is blooming, vines are growing, gutters coming next week, our house on Google Street View, exercise bike fun, another “appearance” on the Rachel Maddow Show, dueling iPod nanos, hot tub is back together, life returning to normal, watching TV
  • Restaurant review: New World Deli
  • Bar Talk: chicken shot, brain wave, what is a jigger?
  • Music contest
  • Feedback city

Link-O-Rama: Maredsous , For Whatever Reason, GeekFit, The Rachel Maddow Show, Life of Spaguy’s Wife, New World Deli, The Zedcast, Tastes Like Burning, AndyCast, Cheap Date Show, Desperate Husbands, Redboy Podcast, Tech Talk for Families, Hulu, Polarbear Podcast, The Mills Brothers, “Diga Diga Doo”, Roy Orbison, “Workin’ for the Man”, Gurf Morlix, “Rock Bottom”, from the album, Toad of Titicaca, The Naughty Ones, “I Dig Your Voodoo”, from the album of the same name“, Southern Culture on the Skids, “Ditch Diggin”, from the album of the same name.