My feed’s illin

Well friends, on the very day when that nice Scott Fletcher at Podcheck Weekly Review mentions my little show, and when Apple pops out the podcast-friendly version of iTunes, what do you suppose happens? I find myself with a very sick Internet connection. Since I’m hosting the feed (but not the current shows) on my own server, you probably won’t be able to subscribe until I finish beating my ISP about the head and shoulders. (Earthlink is the devil!) I hope you’ll be patient, download a show or two directly and come back later today or tomorrow to get the feed.

Time permitting, I plan to record a new show today. Time not permitting, I’ll be lucky if I get to go across the street for a sandwich.

Exes and Os to you all.


One thought on “My feed’s illin

  1. Take your time. Have some chips with your sandwich. Don’t let the isp’s get you down. Coincidently, mine went down yesterday morning. I look foward to hear your next podcast. Take care 🙂

    Also, if you have a spare moment in your day, feel free to check out my blog page at
    Feed back is greatly appriciated.

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