6 thoughts on “Just across the street

  1. Glad to see you back on the pod. I booked my room for the convention in November so I’m hoping we’ll be able to meet in person. I’m very excited to go to this thing. Thanks for dedicating the show to me, does that mean you’re my podcast girlfriend now? (just kidding) We could at least start our own mutual admiration society. Great show as always!!

  2. Hi Sheila,

    Heard about the delay in having your podcast up in iTunes. Just to let you know, it seems like there is some delay on the apple side to have submitted podcasts show up in the directory.

    Sometimes it takes a few days so keep monitoring it. Also, we have a dedicated podcast section on our site if you experience any more issues.

    Feedburner Team

  3. Hi jessiec,

    Thanks for writing. I hope you check back to see this. I have a Feedburner question. I maintain my own feed and use SmartCast to burn it. I have been including HTML (links and list tags) in my description tags, but now this HTML doesn’t seem to show up. Is that a FeedBurner thing, or is it related to the iTunes support option. And more important, is there a workaround to allow me to use HTML in my descriptions? I would love to include an update in my next show.

  4. Hey Aaron,

    I checked with the Fabulous Frank(tm) and he says I can’t be your podcast girlfriend. Oh well.

    Looking forward to the show in November. In the meantime, when’s your next show? Hmm.

  5. Hey Shelly! I’m still catching up on your podcasts, but I’ve loved what I heard so far.

    If you’re still taking requests for podcasts, would it be possible to find one made by someone who doesn’t have anything Apple-related? I’m just curious if I’d be the only one to make a podcast without the Pod– or Core, as it were.

    Thanks so much, and I look forward to your future shows!

  6. Well Shelly, glad you asked about my next show because it went up tonight. It’s a long show and I have a very special guest, my podcast wife, Jenny. I’m curious as to who if anyone is going to be paying the $150 to go to the conference part of the convention. I’m debating….free stuff or pay the money and see the podcasting big whigs. Oddly, no mention of Adam Curry. I guess since you’re going to be there, who needs to famous celebs in the same place. Sorry that Frank doesn’t want our podcasting admiration to bloom, but I’ll still love the show anyways.

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