What the …?

As I mentioned in the podcast blog entry below, the remodeling update became obsolete about the time I posted the show. Here’s why:

Above is one of three rain-induced sheetrock cave-ins we had yesterday. You’re looking into our dining room. Beyond the shell-shocked figure in the doorway is the living room. We had some small leaks there as well, and removed the plywood covering the spot where the back door will be in order to improve ventilation and protect the hardwood floors. The boxy-looking vertical things at the left are our new windows, which were delivered just before the rain began. The builder brought them inside to protect the wood parts from the rain.

2 thoughts on “What the …?

  1. Holy crap….I’m so sorry Shelly. But I’m glad you weren’t there when it happened. I hope you are able to get that mess repaired soon.

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