4 thoughts on “Cats take over the show

  1. Shelly, I tried to take your poll (I voted for Smeagol ’cause it sounds cool hearing you pronounce that name). But it’s taking me to PodCastAlley and erroring about my email address not being valid. Email address.. I didn’t provide an email address. Podcast alley? It says poll from Pollhost.com, not Podcast Alley.

    Cool sound effect on the ‘cast. I’m listening to the start of it now. Thanks for the shows, they’re Bril!

  2. Kevin, I have no idea why that happened. There was no PCA code in that poll form. But it’s fixed now. Someone’s already voted for Smeagol. Don’t know if it was you. Thanks for listening.

  3. yeah, I copied the html from the poll to a lil page of my own and it let me vote for SmeeGul. Now, it’s working from your site for me as well. Seemed like voting form the poll was confused with voting for you on PodCastAlley (hence the error message about email address).

    Anyway, cool hearing you and Fab F. chat and all the sound effects (Texas sized insect sounds). Lookign forward to the features in upcoming shows and congrats on your feature on the ‘Pickle.

  4. Those are no effects. Those are actual, Texas-sized bugs. The only effect, besides a little compression, is the pitch-shifting at the beginning.

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