One thought on “The cause way

  1. I’ve become extremely disappointed with Adam Curry recently. Its one thing to make a few mentions of accessibility on the Daily Source Code in order to get that warm, fuzzy feeling, but it is quite another for him to put some real, serious, sincere action behind those words! The Podsafe Music Network remains far less than a model of accessibility, Castblaster remains inaccessible and we still don’t have a disabilities node on What gives? It really wouldn’t take much to fix all or most of these issues, but they remain unresolved in the podcasting community as do they in the rest of mainstream society. Sadly, the only negative consequences for our inability to fully participate due to lack of accessibility fall only on us and noone else while we remain largely powerless to put a stop to any of it! Its no wonder we rank below the tatooing node in Adam Curry’s list of priorities!

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