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Link-O-Rama: Yet Another Shelly’s Podcast Promo, Advertising Age article on iTunes advertising, 17-inch MacBook Pro specs, Cheap Date Show, The Ropes on The Podsafe Music Network

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4 thoughts on “Contesto

  1. Thanks for the kind words about our show, Shelly! We really appreciate it!

    Oh, and the English Major in me wants to let you know that when you compare two things, you’re looking for the “better” of them, not the “best.” 🙂 And yes, I voted.

    Another great show!


  2. Hey Joe,

    You’re welcome! You guys do a really great job. I would never have imagined that I would enjoy a show that discusses resaurants I am unlikely to visit. But I do.

    Grammar corrections noted and appreciated. I tend to talk rather quickly at times and my mouth gets ahead of the little editor in my brain.

  3. Hello podcast girlfriend, long time no blog. Love what you’ve done with the place. I was sick all week, noticed you didn’t call….was that cause you’re back to making out with Adam Curry? I bet. Well love, take care and don’t get what I had.

  4. Wow! Me in my very own promo! Well, ok, maybe not my very own promo, but a promo nonethless. I love it. I love the testimonial one the bast.

    BTW the Speech Pathologist in me abhors prescriptive grammarians. It is perfectly plausable to have a superlative in a choice of two, especially given the casual context of a blog ;o)

    And the Prescriptive Grammarian in me abhors beginning a sentence with ‘and’.

    Love Shelly’s Podcast and Love Cheap Date,


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