Malled by pigs

  • Thanks to Neil and Borderline
  • Drip, drip, drip
  • Ivar runs away, comes back
  • Gremlin’s cat spasms worry us
  • iProng at Podcast Expo
  • Ten with Mom: the pigs, adorable children, Shelly’s drunken childhood, Shelly’s dubious parentage, and Shelly’s love for her sister
  • Tech Talk: Recall review, Apple pays off Creative, sweatshop whitewash
  • Mailbag
  • Music to send e-mail and audio comments by

Link-O-Rama: Borderline, iProng Radio, LA Podcasters, PowerBook battery recall, Apple pays Creative to go away, CJR Daily examines press coverage of the FoxCon situation, Armchair President

This Week’s Music: Scott H. Birum, “Road Dogs” by John Mayall on the Podsafe Music Network

Break Music: The Spy Surfs on the Podsafe Music Network

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2 thoughts on “Malled by pigs

  1. Heya Shelly, good show this week. 🙂

    Also, I love your little show-notes jingle. It reminds me of my first audiobooks. Little kids books where you would read along to a cassette tape, and the jingle meant it was time to turn the page! ^_^

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