Goodbye, Governor

On today’s show I pay tribute to Ann Richards, snark about iTunes 7, and share a blind girl travel story.

Show notes are for people who sleep regularly.

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8 thoughts on “Goodbye, Governor

  1. Last week Apple quietly release new imacs with dramatic changes. A lower powered lower cost one and a 24 inch. Then the have a huge, hyped event, and announce “nothing”. The change to itunes is okay but not great, the change to the ipod “movie” is nothing. The new nano is the only product released that is actual cool and different ( well different if you don’t remember the mini). All they did was update the ipod so that you can buy more content. (movies games) No changes that add value to the ipod, or improve the ipod for the consumer. As for the “one more thing”, what the hell, announce a product you can’t get till 2007. Neat idea but the movies you buy from itunes will look crappy when sent to your tv with the “itv”. I enjoy the rumers and speculation far more than the actual announcement.

    One more thing, I get the issue with the “prioity seating”. Years ago I worked with people with brain injuries and what a lot of them get yelled at for pretending to be disabled.

  2. Yeah, this time, I didn’t talk about the products (movies, the newish 5G iPod) that aren’t compelling to me. I’m just bored with it all. I also cut out some stuff about video resolution that I might get back to next week.Frankly, I like the pre-announce of the set-top box. It will save a winter of rumors.

    I deal with a lot of brain-injured folks on the transit advisory board I chair. They’re actually very helpful to us on cognitive issues related to signage and schedule book layout. But it can also be a real challenge, both for them and for me. I couldn’t possibly talk about it on the show without offending hundreds of people. 🙂

  3. thanks Matt. I was worried about the deep parts. Sometimes I record that stuff and leave it out.Sometimes I just leave it in and take the consequences. I’m going for funny next week.

  4. I really enjoyed the show Shelly. Your voice and delivery are very comforting and make an interesting and enjoyable listen.


  5. Hi,
    I haven’t even finished the show but I had to comment.
    I use text zoom on my Moc. When I first got the iTunes 7 update I nearly cried. My partner helped me to understand the changes and I’ve really gotten used to it now.
    What annoys me most at this point is not being able to collapse things the way I’m used to.
    And I have no idea how iTunes defines ‘audiobook.’ The VoiceOver user manual isn’t listed as an audiobook!

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