I mix politics (or the trappings of politics), cookies, and conversation on the porch.

  • Punching a skylight in the studio
  • Debate frenzy: 100 tickets v. 43,000 requests, presidential cookie poll, Chelsea Clinton ikes my favorite taco place, debate watching, political debates as show business, Obama-rama, and a little remote audio from a great big rally.
  • Music contest, week 3
  • Podcasts taking over your life
  • On the porch with Frank: cats frolic, Dice and the iPod, projects proliferate, wine is good, vegetable weekends.
  • Feedback city

Link-O-Rama: Truth Seekers, Barely Podcasting, Dice, Life of Spaguy’s Wife

2 thoughts on “Obama-Rama

  1. Wow. That was awesome audio- the H2 really rocks!

    I should take the one I got for Christmas out of the box one of these days…

    Best. Intro. Ever. 😉

    Great show!


  2. Hey Shelly – So, I finally left a voice mail, but didn’t say all I wanted to… Sorry… brain went to mush. I can’t beleive I didn’t even mention how much I enjoyed the remote piece from the Obama rally. It was fascinating! Kudos to you.

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