The Night Visitors

  • News: What I’m not doing, drunk guy in the night, hail in the night, hail breaks things at my sister’s house
  • Bar Talk: Cherries from Heaven
  • Lightning Round
  • Tech Talk: NetFlix streaming box
  • Pod community news: Ken & Becky welcome Tyler, Matt recovers from surgery
  • Feedback City: Airfares, kittehs, exporting from iTunes, Wii trivia

Link-O-Rama: Austin storm damage pics, Roku NetFlix streaming box, Game Zone Radio, Podcast Designs, Redboy Podcast, For Whatever Reason

Lightning Round Music: “Skunks Meet Russians”, by B-Sea Surfers on the Podsafe Music Network

Wii are Popular

I do both Bar Talk and Lightning Round this week to make up for the remote segment. And maybe we’re just a wii bit too “inside podcasting”?

  • PodCamp Numero Dos, missing power brick, Frank walks the River Walk in search of dredging, rationing laptop power
  • Didja notice? Airfares are high
  • Passing of Lena Guerrero
  • Bar Talk: Aviation
  • Lightning Round, The FWR edition
  • The remote segment: Other podcasters we love, callbacks and dumbasses, checking in with Twitter, we learn about Redboy’s Wii injury, winning friends through booze and games, the Luby’s pub crawl, grackles attack Tim
  • Feedback City: Mash up appreciation, I censor a call for cause, Frank’s security in Vegas, meauxito followup, caladiums, a questionable question

Link-O-Rama: PodCamp San Antonio, Morning Brewcast, For Whatever Reason, Redboy Podcast, A Geek and His Wife, Wicked Good Podcast, Love Long and Prosper, TuckerTales, Bearcrawling, Delta Park Project, Pizza Go Here, Life of Spaguy’s Wife, Gumbeaux Gal, Barely Podcasting, Tastes Like Burning