Shelly’s Big Podcast Show

  • Welcome special guest Aaron from The Big Show
  • New Media Expo karaoke with Aaron
  • News: Frank’s little car mishap, pint-sized podcasting, my sister the mixologist, late night drink-making advice, Battlestar Galactica, hot tub cover road trip, riding atop the giant truck
  • Aaron lives his George Michael dream
  • Tech Talk: Firefox 3 and consequences, NetFlix profile changes, explaining HD tech to kids, kibitzing about the new iPhone, Wozniak jailbreaks Kathy Griffin’s iPhone
  • Poli-tainment: Rachel Maddow on the TV, Scott McClellan’s mom, Austin’s liberal tradition(?), giant stadiums and huge parades, reviewing McClellan’s audiobook performance, the impotent congressional investigation process

Link-O-Rama: The Big Show, HD Podcast, A Geek & His Wife, Borderline, Life of Spaguy’s Wife, FoxMarks, FireAnt, ScribeFire, Buzz Out Loud, HD Coloring Book for Kids, Touch Bar, TuneWiki