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  • Frank’s invention plateau
  • T-Mobile phone rant: stress fracture after less than a year, pricey replacement surprise, discount roulette, text messaging for $.20 apiece, THEY can change the contract but WE can’t change the contract, didn’t like the new phone, better service away from the mall, and now the old phone is free?, things don’t cost what they are actually worth
  • Mom calls on my birthday
  • Visiting the LBJ library as a kid, and as an adult: I was a baby history geek, meeting LBJ at his library opening, telling the president my birthday, mom misreads my embarrassment, eating BBQ at the library, checking out the fountains
  • Cocktail Talk: The scofflaw
  • Project Terror
  • Tech Talk: my favorite iPhone/iPod touch applications and wish list, Yelp, Remote, NetNewswire, Cocktails, Fat free Video Poker
  • Feedback CityLink-O-Rama: Tastes Like Burning

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One thought on “Naval Jelly

  1. I avoid most of the pain of dealing with cell cariers by buying my phones unlocked and using a pre-paid plan. It may be a bit more expensive, but at least I know there won’t be any surprise charges, and at any point I can change carriers simply by switching the sim card (I have a local sim and a T-Mo sim for when I travel to the US/Canada).

    And the second there’s city-wide wifi, bye bye cell carrier, hello Skypeout! 😀

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