Meat Keyboard

  • Toads and other wildlife
  • Shelly dreams of meat and death
  • Frank provides precise GPS coordinates
  • News: Gardens growing, Frank murders vegetables
  • Election day: Twittering results and other election stuff, Frank wants to get some, Shelly’s boring voter counting story, Frederickburg city council
  • A not-so-rare Breed: killing poison ivy
  • Frank at loose ends
  • Mother’s Day: Frank feeds his mom, Shelly makes beercan chicken with Mexican beer, tallboys and chopsticks
  • Cocktail talk: Drinks at the Italian coffee place
  • Date nights planned and unplanned
  • VW driveby and dead end drivers
  • A different kind of lighting round: Tessla coil music
  • Feedback city

Link-O-Rama: For Whatever Reason, ArcAttack, Barely, Tastes Like Burning