Cocktails in the Crescent City: part one (Show #194)

  • Chit chat: what date, cute companions, voicemail rescheduled to next show, how to pronounce New Orleans, podcasting beer
  • Pre-New Orleans cocktails: quick drink, unplanned delays
  • Training for the week: power outlets, reclining seats, cold, swampy scenery
  • Settling In: Resting up, free Internet, minimal registration packet, cocktails in the hall, (Frank sleeps), swag hag, (Frank sleeps), project run-n-hide preview, tasteapalooza
  • Cocktail tour: famous bar and restaurant landmarks, Frank enjoys a cocktail, mardi gras segregated?
  • Cocktail tweetup: free booze at Bar Tonique
  • Educational boozing, spirit tasting…SCARY, famously rude people, rum zacapa is YUM, no recipe cards :(, (Rowan drops by)
  • “Drunks” in the lobby: promoters, Tales is not a trade show, rampant sponsorship
  • Spirited Dinner: menu, Frank enjoys the giant gin bottle, the ice cube people, free food

Seminar place setting

Link-O-Rama: Tales of the Cocktail, French 75, Sidecar, Pimm’s Cup, App Store Pundit, Red Fish Grill, Kold-Draft Ice