Slippery Pumpkins (Show #204)

  • Chit Chat: Happy holidays!
  • Halloweening: The most wonderful time of the year, Shelly doesn’t dress up, halloween wishes, not an actual holiday, pumpkin acquisition, carving, keep your pumpkins fresh, candy negotiations, Shelly comes out in favor of candy corn
  • Title choosin: putting my thumb on the scale
  • Facebooking: New news feed and associated consternation, reconnecting, poking, and making it all better
  • Cocktail talk: more BarSmarts progress, fernet branca
  • Feedback city

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Link-O-Rama: Pizza Go Here, The Redboy Podcast, Life of Spaguy’s Wife

A Few Small Repairs (Show #203)

  • Chit Chat: Head cold remnants, keeping sickness to myself, long-term coughing delays the show
  • Visiting the family: installing the vintage stove, kids love the iPhone and Bejeweled, seeking out
  • good music for the kid, explaining the App Store
  • Frank repairs appliances: fixing the washer, replacing he disposal
  • Facebooking: reconnecting with my distant past, naming a school for my speech teacher
  • Mike’s wedding: finding the right woman for himself, Frank keeps track of details, wedding at the winery, arriving late, stupendous lunch
  • Hello kitty: watch the Spar! video
  • Feedback city

A Wonderful Wedding MenuSick washer/dryer

Link-O-Rama: Shelly’s Podcast Facebook Fan Page, Mandola’s Estate Winery,, The Redboy Podcast, Tastes Like Burning

Booze Makes Me Smarter (Show #202)

  • Title voting
  • Austin City Limits Music Festival: Down with indie rock falsetto, this year’s timing improved over last, not lovin the crowds, free tickets, making fun of Pat’s retro music, biking to the show after a long absence, acquiring rain gear, “rainproofing” my stuff, the great grassy park, ode to the collapsable chair, iPhone face plant, accessible seating, bags within bags, bright sticky Sunday, acres of mud, taunting John about the B 52s, great food on sticks, subpar enormous beers, people watching, overheard substance abuse
  • Cocktail Talk: part 1, Eisbach and the bijou; part 2, BarSmarts
  • Hello kitty: hello chicken
  • Feedback city

Link-O-Rama: Tastes Like Burning, Pizza Go Here