Charles in Charge (Show #215)

  • Chit Chat: Sauna season and show delays
  • Title voting
  • How does my garden grow (slugs): front yard gardening, plants are doing great, slug bait, roses
  • Computer things are breaking (bugs): monitors, hubs, and hard drives, oh my
  • Cocktail talk: (glugs) featuring a distillery tour, raspberry mint juleps, and the Kentucky Derby
  • hello kitty: long fangs, looking for new family members
  • Feedback city

Can of Sluggo

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Link-O-Rama: Balcones Distillery, Tastes Like Burning

2 thoughts on “Charles in Charge (Show #215)

  1. Ok, this is just me I am sure but at first glance I thought one of your links said Bacon Distillery. Which sadly is VERY intriguing to me…can someone make that happen please?

  2. I’m always searching for new quality podcasts to download and listen to while at work. This was my first Shelly’s Podcast and I have to say I liked it and will definitely download more in the future. Tight work Shelly! regarding front yard gardens: I am always in favor of seeing someone replacing grass with low maintenance and native plants or gardens which make them more self-sustaining. We need more people doing this so good on you for setting an example.

    Joe in Winter Park, FL

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