Stumptown Ladies Sing This Song (Show #218)

  • Exercise with or without social media
  • Monster peppers
  • Disability films and language

    Stumptown part 2

  • Cocktails in Portland: Clyde Common, Frank the mai tai expert, Teardrop Lounge
  • More love for the Portland downtown grid: Powell’s Books, mourning Coffee People, Stumptown, Peat’s, Noah’s Bagels, finding the black tiger
  • Timberline: Enjoying the snow, breakfast buffet, Heidi & Bruno, heading down the snowy mountain, Mt. Hood Brewing
  • Trade show drinking: sobriety management, what tickets?, losing my favorite red hat
  • Last gasp in Portland: hotel on the highway, Hanging with Steve & Ivy, dinner and Voodoo Duughnuts, airport flight delay and serendipity
  • Frank gets his train station fix

car covered with snow

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Link-O-Rama: Blind user describes seeing color with Color ID, App Store Pundit, Clyde Common, Teardrop Lounge, Stumptown Coffee, Timberline Lodge, Voodoo Doughnuts