Death Rattle (Show #219)

  • Chit chat: thanks for sticking around
  • About App Store Pundit: gone but not forgotten, extreme NaPodPoMo podcasting, musing about theme music, returning to a weekly schedule, hardest part of daily podcasting, what I do and don’t review, NaPodPoMo friends, quality varies,
  • Social media wheel balancing
  • Hosting Thanksgiving: smoked turkey, no brine, early bird, cherry-stuffed squash and pies, Shelly gets tense, random boyfriends/husbands, condescending holiday guest
  • Freaky fridge
  • Mall culture shock: extra-loud Christmas music, kiosk kreep, huckster kreeps, kiosk obstruktionism, food court samples,
  • Hello kitty: cat commune, Rowan’s paw, Norbert finds the nip
  • Feedback city
  • Texas fight

pepper harvest

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