Shelly’s Podcast is a (mostly) weekly personal podcast by writer Shelly Brisbin, aka, the Podcast Juggernaut. Shelly’s Podcast received a Podcast Peer Award in 2007, in the Best Audio Blog category. Shelly was also nominated for the Exceptional Podcaster award. Podcast topics tend to include Shelly’s adventures in Austin, Texas, technology, cocktails, accessibility, and a little dab of politics. Shelly strives to be entertaining, and sometimes thoughtful. Listener feedback is also an important element of the show.

Shelly has been writing about technology (including 12 books) for 20 years, and makes her living as a writer and editor in the trade publishing world. She is the former editor-in-chief of Blogger & Podcaster magazine. Shelly blogs and maintains a a personal Web site. She produces other podcasts, including Hollywood on the Radio, and The Road to Denver.