Death Rattle (Show #219)

  • Chit chat: thanks for sticking around
  • About App Store Pundit: gone but not forgotten, extreme NaPodPoMo podcasting, musing about theme music, returning to a weekly schedule, hardest part of daily podcasting, what I do and don’t review, NaPodPoMo friends, quality varies,
  • Social media wheel balancing
  • Hosting Thanksgiving: smoked turkey, no brine, early bird, cherry-stuffed squash and pies, Shelly gets tense, random boyfriends/husbands, condescending holiday guest
  • Freaky fridge
  • Mall culture shock: extra-loud Christmas music, kiosk kreep, huckster kreeps, kiosk obstruktionism, food court samples,
  • Hello kitty: cat commune, Rowan’s paw, Norbert finds the nip
  • Feedback city
  • Texas fight

pepper harvest

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Stumptown Ladies Sing This Song (Show #218)

  • Exercise with or without social media
  • Monster peppers
  • Disability films and language

    Stumptown part 2

  • Cocktails in Portland: Clyde Common, Frank the mai tai expert, Teardrop Lounge
  • More love for the Portland downtown grid: Powell’s Books, mourning Coffee People, Stumptown, Peat’s, Noah’s Bagels, finding the black tiger
  • Timberline: Enjoying the snow, breakfast buffet, Heidi & Bruno, heading down the snowy mountain, Mt. Hood Brewing
  • Trade show drinking: sobriety management, what tickets?, losing my favorite red hat
  • Last gasp in Portland: hotel on the highway, Hanging with Steve & Ivy, dinner and Voodoo Duughnuts, airport flight delay and serendipity
  • Frank gets his train station fix

car covered with snow

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Link-O-Rama: Blind user describes seeing color with Color ID, App Store Pundit, Clyde Common, Teardrop Lounge, Stumptown Coffee, Timberline Lodge, Voodoo Doughnuts

Get Off Our Lawn (Show #217)

  • Chit Chat: Happy birthday Jane, shout-out to Matt, Kids in the yard, cocktails, returning from vacation, thanks to podcast listeners for their love

    Stumptown part 1

  • Corvallis: No biking, crushing on Oregon, traveling without a computer, brewpub awesomeness, IB 4 U
  • Bend in the road: Visiting an old friend, spoken iGoogle searching, friendspectations, Deshutes Brewery
  • Portland: Hotel deLuxe, Drink.Write, Frank stomps around Stumptown, trains galore, more beer, brews “on nitro”,

Block 15 beer flight

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New Jack City (Show #216)

  • Chit Chat: No podcast long time
  • Gardening: The map, eating the garden, homely tomatoes
  • Podcasters, be prepared!
  • Cocktail talk: Tipsy Tech tests
  • hello kitty: Jack
  • Mom’s new electronic device
  • Lightning leftovers
  • Feedback city

Jack the cat

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Link-O-Rama: Tastes Like Burning, Tipsy Tech fall cocktail class, For Whatever Reason, Redboy Podcast, Life of Spaguy’s Wife, GeekFit, Tastes Like Burning

Charles in Charge (Show #215)

  • Chit Chat: Sauna season and show delays
  • Title voting
  • How does my garden grow (slugs): front yard gardening, plants are doing great, slug bait, roses
  • Computer things are breaking (bugs): monitors, hubs, and hard drives, oh my
  • Cocktail talk: (glugs) featuring a distillery tour, raspberry mint juleps, and the Kentucky Derby
  • hello kitty: long fangs, looking for new family members
  • Feedback city

Can of Sluggo

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Link-O-Rama: Balcones Distillery, Tastes Like Burning

Bearing Toward Neptune (Show #213)

  • Is Frank my sidekick
  • Title voting
  • News: Springtime, SXSW music night, Frank talks me into a new computer, gives away extra parts, my new reading glasses, fixing the lemon-y washer, thanks to Hot Tub Rod for his help, Warner Archive, state party delegates
  • Cocktail talk: class field trips (fernet shot), morning cocktails @Frank, mixo cocktail party with fernet shots, sharing booze with Dave, ice crushing
  • Hello kitty: the hand thing
  • Austin gets its train
  • Feedback city

a pretty cocktail

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Blind Flying Pigs (Show #212)

  • News: SXSW is almost here, snow day, dinner with Charles and Diane, mom needs a bumper, and threatens to go to Vegas
  • Chit chat with Frank: layoffs, paint shakin
  • Olympics: Mom used to keep score, winter games = awesome, commercials jar our brains, Shelly’s Nancy Kerrigan memory, hockey
  • Cocktail talk: passport, and a bar review
  • Feedback city

groovy art with decoration

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O Trains (Show #210)

  • Chit chat: uncle Frank is a goofball
  • Selling mom’s lot, fixing the house, train spotting, street view updated, Frank looking for work, project terror too, dopplegangers and dubelbocks
  • Cocktail talk: perfecting the sidecar with Frank
  • Hello kitty: the Rowan is a lummox edition
  • Tech talk: another media center, Tarzan and Godzilla
  • Shameless plug
  • Feedback city
Shelly ¡

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Link-O-Rama: MacJury, For Whatever Reason

Fancy Rat (Show #208)

  • Chit Chat: Podcast studio updated with its own computer, show succumbs to captive sinus pressure
  • NEW SEGMENT Franking privileges: (An aside about Christmas crap), flirting with cashiers, Shelly is uncomfortable
  • Title voting: writing about rats, feeding pythons, who should have a rat?
  • Hello Kitty

  • Eating Out at the Highball: From the people who brought you the Alamo Drafhoutse, all-inclusive movie tickets, describing the Highball, bowling/eating/drinking/karaoke, fancy comfort food, fried chicken market price, bottle service
  • Feedback city


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(Five Years in) The Crazy Room (Show #207)

  • Chit Chat: I blame the holidays, the physical necessity of podcasting
  • Title voting
  • Old business: the red hat thing
  • Shopping with kids: presents for mom and dad, handing over the cash didn’t work, hard to steer, punk rock talking Christmas cards, on time and under budget
  • Thing 2 edits a podcast
  • Gift Giving: basket o’ cocktails, cameras make kids happy, down camera memory lane
  • Tech talk: wide screen computing, baby bluetooth, Frank’s promised upgrade
  • five years of podcasting: the black and white years
  • Feedback city

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Shelly’s Weird Food (Show #206)

  • Chit Chat: Long time no show
  • Title voting
  • Old business: Borderline pays a visit, brunch with Steve, (iPhone interruptus), mom makes fun of my beans
  • Blinded by home decor: Not my forte, other people’s opinions are wrong, choosing wood blinds, good buying experience, minor glitch
  • One ring
  • New business: A unified theory of Black Friday
  • Hello kitty: Outdoor kitties, Norbert does windows
  • Tech talk: Ginormous TV on the Internet, Words with Friends addiction
  • Feedback city

At the sign of the cat

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Born Under a Bad Sign (Show #205)

  • Chit Chat: Here comes Frank, into the studio
  • Frank’s milestone birthday: bad luck day times 50
  • The original plan: party in the street, include the school kids
  • Help from friends
  • Moonwalk dynamics
  • Food: brisket, red beans, veggie chili, Big Bark Beer (and math), too many soft drinks, Frank’s special chocolate cake says something rude
  • Party lowlights: Frank’s drinking restricted, lack of ice cream (with a sidebar about birthday cake and ice cream protocol), cupcakes are WRONG
  • Playlist-making: building the lists, consultation from Tim, iPhoning the playlists in, how far does remote control work?, girls checkin out my apps
  • Dances with Emma: Tim videotapes my mom
  • Party guest stew
  • Party highlights: moonwalk, presents for me, chocopresents for Frank
  • Tim and James’ long ride
  • Cocktail talk: the Columbian, the New Orleans sidecar

Link-O-Rama: For Whatever Reason, Dancing with Emma video, Tastes Like Burningg, Life of Spaguy’s Wife

Slippery Pumpkins (Show #204)

  • Chit Chat: Happy holidays!
  • Halloweening: The most wonderful time of the year, Shelly doesn’t dress up, halloween wishes, not an actual holiday, pumpkin acquisition, carving, keep your pumpkins fresh, candy negotiations, Shelly comes out in favor of candy corn
  • Title choosin: putting my thumb on the scale
  • Facebooking: New news feed and associated consternation, reconnecting, poking, and making it all better
  • Cocktail talk: more BarSmarts progress, fernet branca
  • Feedback city

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Link-O-Rama: Pizza Go Here, The Redboy Podcast, Life of Spaguy’s Wife

A Few Small Repairs (Show #203)

  • Chit Chat: Head cold remnants, keeping sickness to myself, long-term coughing delays the show
  • Visiting the family: installing the vintage stove, kids love the iPhone and Bejeweled, seeking out
  • good music for the kid, explaining the App Store
  • Frank repairs appliances: fixing the washer, replacing he disposal
  • Facebooking: reconnecting with my distant past, naming a school for my speech teacher
  • Mike’s wedding: finding the right woman for himself, Frank keeps track of details, wedding at the winery, arriving late, stupendous lunch
  • Hello kitty: watch the Spar! video
  • Feedback city

A Wonderful Wedding MenuSick washer/dryer

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Booze Makes Me Smarter (Show #202)

  • Title voting
  • Austin City Limits Music Festival: Down with indie rock falsetto, this year’s timing improved over last, not lovin the crowds, free tickets, making fun of Pat’s retro music, biking to the show after a long absence, acquiring rain gear, “rainproofing” my stuff, the great grassy park, ode to the collapsable chair, iPhone face plant, accessible seating, bags within bags, bright sticky Sunday, acres of mud, taunting John about the B 52s, great food on sticks, subpar enormous beers, people watching, overheard substance abuse
  • Cocktail Talk: part 1, Eisbach and the bijou; part 2, BarSmarts
  • Hello kitty: hello chicken
  • Feedback city

Link-O-Rama: Tastes Like Burning, Pizza Go Here

And on the 201st Show, She Rested (Show #201)

  • Chit chat: Forgetting how to start the show, ignoring Frank, getting reacquainted with the studio
  • Road trip to Dallas: We’re not road trippers, bailing on our busy travel schedule, trying to find Fuzzy’s, manual googling, tasty tacos, meeting the dogs, staying late
  • Marking dad’s birthday: visiting the cemetery, dinner with mom
  • Tech Talk: Apple’s fifth generation iPod nano, what’s all the fuss about iPhone MMS?
  • Other people’s parents
  • Insistent contact
  • Hello kitty: brotherly love is back, following Penelope
  • Feedback city

Link-O-Rama: QN, Tastes Like Burning, Travels of Penelope the Cat, For Whatever Reason, Life of Spaguy’s Wife, The Redboy Podcast, Life on Tap, NYC cocktail bar map, Pizza Go Here

Keep Clam (Show #200)

  • Chit chat: Editing magic, drink update, mom says to let the cats out,

  • Last show loose ends: Thanks to the Spapeople for use of the wildlife bumper, Redboy clips me

  • Canadian vacation, part 2: Drinking and chatting at the lake, thanks again to Rod, Chrystal and the spakids, house at Port Moody, Frank worries about the landlords, all about the appliances, fighting the home theater, learning the Vancouver transit system (podcast tech break), coffee mug colors

  • More vacation fun: food and drink in Vancouver, Lansdale Quay market, suspension bridge, ferry dust, Victoria, bug zoo, tiger skins, bard on the beach, shopping for TexMex in Canada, train versus bus (podcast tech break 2)

  • Back to Seattle: more Ivar’s, separate seating on Alaska Airlines

  • Tech Talk: Frank knows A LOT about the new iPod nano, iPhone 3.1 accesibility

  • Feedback city

gps taking us to Tim Horton's

Link-O-Rama: Life of Spaguy’s Wife, The Redboy Podcast, Tastes Like Burning

Fireball! (Show #199)

Frank and I are joined this week by Rod and Chrystal of Life of Spaguy’s Wife. The spapeople were kind enough to host us at their cabin on Pitt Lake, British Columbia. We also shared some cocktails, as I’m sure you’ll be able to tell.

  • Chit Chat: Propane could explode, what we’ze drinking (with apologies to Borderline) old, new, borrowed, blue, Frank offers to steal booze from other cabins

  • Shelly & Frank’s Travelogue, Seattle edition: We love Ivar’s a LOT, navigating Seattle transit because cars are silly, Museum of Flight, cocktails at Zig Zag Cafe, Vancouver cocktail recommendations

  • Happy Birthday to Me: Riding the train to Vancouver, customs questioning, Shelly tries to tell east from north, birthday dinner with Lorna, Jim, Manager John, and Charlene, brewpub line-up, Rod lies about my beer-drinking habits

  • i don’t call, or use data plans in Canada

  • Our wildlife encounter(tm)

  • No phones, no lights, no motorcars: (shooter break), Frank moves rocks, the boys bond over maintenance, observing the ways people care for the beach and their cabins, Shelly lies in a hammock and plays Tetris, almost out of ice, delicious dinners, Frank reminisces about Kol-Draft Ice, boat ride, Frank takes a tumble, fire by the beach, Neo the dog, (shooter break), outdoor showering, kids, closing lovefest

Link-O-Rama: Life of Spaguy’s Wife, Borderline, Zig Zag Cafe, The Cocktail Spirit, Tastes Like Burning, Fireball, The Redboy Podcast, Frank falls down (video), dock in a storm (video)

Muttonhead (Show #197)

  • Chit chat: Forgetting to bring my stuff into the studio,
  • Title voting: please join the Facebook fan page
  • Sauced: Enchilada sauce, bragging on myself is hard, marinara with dried bell peppers, cooking sacrileges
  • Appraising my chances: protesting our property appraisal, the process, the formal hearing, “is it your testimony…?”, appraiser preso, new building materials add to value, appraiser defends his work, blinded by numbers, winning on errors
  • Hello Kitty: Nicknames
  • Homeless folks, confederate monuments, and my tour guiding technique
  • Tech Talk: Convert text to mp3 with Clipboard to MP3
  • Shameless plugs: Book chapter
  • Feedback city

Link-O-Rama: Shelly’s Podcast Facebook fan page, For Whatever Reason, Clipboard to MP3, Spencer Tracy Fox Film Actorr, Life On Tap, Pizza Go Here

Aunt Anxiety (Show #196)

  • Chit chat: Hot inside and out, thanks for thoughts about Smeagol, mom has a new cat
  • Title voting: please join the Facebook fan page
  • Tomato bounty: have the kids do it kids pick 30, my sister’s on Twitter, turning tomatoes into sauce, resisting the telling of boring green tomato story, kids pick 50+
  • Parenting by proxy: hiding objects from the baby, tiny theft, important parenting moment, modern adult angst, sad little girl, the apology, mom approval, Shelly’s mockable angst
  • Hello Kitty: Boys calming down, taking Norbert the extra mile to breakfast
  • Tech Talk: Twitter celebrities, (iPhone), family devotion in bios, stop the positive thinking
  • Shameless plugs: Voice acting in When SysAdmins Ruled the Earth
  • Feedback city

Morning Tomato Harvest

Link-O-Rama: Shelly’s Podcast Facebook fan page, all star cat wrestling on YouTube, When Sysadmins Ruled the Earth, Pizza Go Here, Tastes Like Burning

Smeagol, and Cocktails in the Crescent City: part two (Show #195)

  • Farewell, Smeagol
  • New Orleans, part two
  • Geeking out about gin
  • Frank’s clothing (optional)
  • Old reliable dinner
  • Absinthe rules: don’t set it on fire!
  • Swag shipping: fearful of TSA swipeage, schlepping to the FedEx office, self-packing, abortive bribery, waiting for the box and the St. Germain cough syrup
  • And now it’s time to play “What stupid crap is on TV?”, MJ’s missing, orgasms, Fox News, the shipwreck channel
  • Cocktail book buying
  • Last drinks: Frank’s cocktails, Shelly stumps the bartender
  • Travel day: airplane travel is teh suck, NOLA airport gumbo thumbs up, (cat acrobatics), cat debris
  • Frank addresses his public: slow social networking, detailed and technical potato feedback


Link-O-Rama: Sazerac, Joy of Mixology, French 75

Cocktails in the Crescent City: part one (Show #194)

  • Chit chat: what date, cute companions, voicemail rescheduled to next show, how to pronounce New Orleans, podcasting beer
  • Pre-New Orleans cocktails: quick drink, unplanned delays
  • Training for the week: power outlets, reclining seats, cold, swampy scenery
  • Settling In: Resting up, free Internet, minimal registration packet, cocktails in the hall, (Frank sleeps), swag hag, (Frank sleeps), project run-n-hide preview, tasteapalooza
  • Cocktail tour: famous bar and restaurant landmarks, Frank enjoys a cocktail, mardi gras segregated?
  • Cocktail tweetup: free booze at Bar Tonique
  • Educational boozing, spirit tasting…SCARY, famously rude people, rum zacapa is YUM, no recipe cards :(, (Rowan drops by)
  • “Drunks” in the lobby: promoters, Tales is not a trade show, rampant sponsorship
  • Spirited Dinner: menu, Frank enjoys the giant gin bottle, the ice cube people, free food

Seminar place setting

Link-O-Rama: Tales of the Cocktail, French 75, Sidecar, Pimm’s Cup, App Store Pundit, Red Fish Grill, Kold-Draft Ice

B Team Coffee (Show #193)

  • Chit chat: Holiday greetings, begs for voicemails, podcasters, please include your phone number, never make excuses for not doing a show, Shelly makes excuses for not doing a show, title picker
  • News: New news bumper, tiny toms, Kids will tomato sit, plants become monstrously big, Facebook Frank, mom will probably go online, sister wants to Facebook with mom, coffee quality disruption,
  • Hello Kitty: Desktop freeway for Rowan, brother love, or something else?, walking Norbert to breakfast
  • Cocktail talk: Annie’s, my cocktail party, headed to Tales of the Cocktail
  • Feedback city

    CocktIl party

    Link-O-Rama: Tipsy Texan, Shelly on MacVoices and Maccast

Pick a Title, Any Title

I’m still working on an edit for show #192, which is all about my experiences with iPhone accessibility. But even so, I press on to show #193, which I hope to record late Sunday or early Monday. It’s a lot easier than holding an iPhone in one hand, and talking into a mic.

Pick a title, make a podcaster smile.

  • Get Goin, Rowin
  • B Team Coffee
  • Promoting in the Twitterverse