Title Tabulating

Well hi there.

Title voting is back, so please choose one you like and place it in the comments. One of these repeats from the last go-round, but do not be affected by this. If you hated it before, you’re free to hate it again. If you think it got robbed last time, by all means, vote it up. Or choose one of the others.

  • Help a Brotha Out
  • Muttonhead
  • Cocktail Tea Bag

New show in a day or so, I’m thinking.

Title Picker

If Shelly’s Podcast had the budget, I would pick show titles by means of a giant wheel, powered by a celebrity spokesmodel. But we do not, so I must rely on you, the fans of the show, to help me select just the right title for this week’s episode. Your choices for show 191, to be recorded tomorrow, June 21, are:

  • Hotness
  • Hatness
  • 32 Black

At Shelly’s Podcast, your vote counts, and we value your business. Thank you, and come again.

Name that Title

Time once again to select a title for this weekend’s show. I’ll most likely be recording Sunday, June 14, so act now for greatest savings.

    Assassin bug nymph

  • Quotes around my name
  • Titan Impact

Title Choosin

Hello, kids. It’s time once again to choose a title for this week’s show. Your choices are:

  • Smartie? Not So Much
  • 400-Volt Potato Array
  • Stop Walking On My Head

Give us a vote in the comments, won’t you?

This Week’s Title Is?

OK, kids, it’s time for another Shelly’s Podcast title selection poll. This week’s options:

  • Stabbed in the Eye
  • You Can’t Catch Me
  • Guns Drawn

Please vote in the comments. No wagering.

Saying Goodbye to a Friend

Frank and I made the difficult decision to end the suffering of our furry friend, Ivar. He has been a part of our family for 17 years.

At the moment, we’re still dealing with the loss of our tabby friend whose most frequent nickname was Thumper because of his expressive, constantly-moving tail. If you’ve had animals, and have had to make the decision to take that long ride to the vet, have drugs administered, and then bury your friend in the yard, you know something about what our day has been like.

I’ve got lots of great Ivar photos, and I’ll be putting them into a slideshow/movie later tonight. For now, I want to say thank you to all of my Twitter friends who have sent sympathetic notes. They are very much appreciated.

Hopped up on Life

News of the week is overshadowed by lots of voicemail and a little Apple chatter.

  • Hopped up on nothing
  • News: Our Halloween, so long Bo
  • The Frank bumper contest
  • Tech talk: no cash for iPhones, got Leopard?, learning about Leopard accesibility
  • Listener feedback

Link-O-Rama: Daft Musings, Screenless Switchers, Kevin on Blind Cool Tech, Barely Podcasting, Philosophy Guy, Life of Spaguy’s Wife, Mostly News, The Big Show, For Whatever Reason

Sally Shipman: one of my heroes

Former Austin City councilmember Sally Shipman died this week. In college, I worked in her office and for her campaign. She taught me about being a good citizen and made me believe that politics can be practiced by people who believe in doing the right thing. I learned so much from her. She also tried to get me to dress better. At that she failed.

I’ll have more to say about Sally on this week’s show.

Next week: the e-mail show

Thanks to everyone who’s been sending e-mail lately. I had your notes all starred and ready to talk about on the show, but then I completely forgot! The next Shelly’s Podcast will be 100% listener generated content.

Jodie or Leather?

Remembering Molly Ivins, taking a wistful look at Vista, and iPod colors galore.

  • Listen to me everywhere!
  • Why Molly Ivins was amazing
  • Tech Talk: MS releases Vista, Apple releases orange iPod Shuffle
  • Super what?
  • Contact info by Joe
  • Music to send e-mail and audio comments by

Link-O-Rama: Pickle Tales, Podcast Morons, Molly Ivins: Funny Woman, Mrs. B’s Patriot World, Wicked Good Podcast, Cheap Date Show

This Week’s Music: “Snowflakes”, by Demerit 7, on the Podsafe Music Network


Whether it’s Macworld Expo, ice storms, or car buying, I weave the threads of the past and future together, just for you.

  • Macworld in the olden days
  • Ice emergency of 2007!
  • New Prius, old Saturn, car salesman runaround
  • Macworld reconsidered: not much to see, TuneStudio, social hour, Mac Podcaster Meetup
  • iPhone reality sets in
  • iPhone accessibility speculation
  • Music to send e-mail and audio comments by

Link-O-Rama: Other World Computing’s ModBook, Podcast Morons, Belkin TuneStudio, Mac Podcaster Meetup part 1, part 2, Mac OS Ken, ScobleShow, Conan’s iPhone commercial, iListen, Mostly News

This Week’s Music: “Ice Storm”, by Boo Boo Davis, on the Podsafe Music Network

Lounging with the bloggers

This is a rare blog entry for me. I don’t usually make extensive text posts, but I’m without recording equipment at the moment (it gets heavy) and I’m right in the middle of the Macworld show floor. In fact, I’m sitting in the Microsoft Bloggers’ Lounge. There, I’ve plugged my hosts, which is only fair, since I’m drinking their Diet Dr. Pepper and using their Internet connection.

Interestingly, and accidentally, too, Microsoft is the company that’s offered me the most food at this show. I attended an MS press event last night and filled up on pot stickers and other delicacies, and now I’m swilling that rarest of commodities in San Francisco, my beloved Diet DP.

The Bloggers’ Lunge is a mid-sized booth on the show floor, with big squashy chairs and couches, and tables with iMacs. There’s a guy up front who asks you to sign in, and the place really isn’t very crowded. No waiting for the iMacs. I can’t say that’s true in the press room, interestingly enough. Nor can I get so much as a glass of water in the press room, so this is the place to be.

Does it sound to you as if I’m totally gone on the freebies, expecting and exploiting the opportunity to flash my press pass? You’d be surprised. I do not have the schmoozing and scamming power (I got in trouble for using that word last night) of many of my colleagues. They come home with leather bags, iPod cases made from endangered species (OK, not really), and boxes of software. I usually score some party invites a few t-shirts, and a combination yo yo/pocket knife. I am a bad freebie filcher.

The show floor feels busy today, but not impassable. Only in the narrow aisles on the ends have I found myself sidestepping multiple large men with rolling bags, and groups of gawkers speaking in languages I do not understand. Here in “big booth” land, you can breathe, and you can hear the sounds of breaking glass part of some demo) mixed with the drone of hired guns trying to sell photo managment software, printers, and iPod docks.

Flying My Geek Flag: iPod Recording Reviews

  • Recording with the iPod
  • Please Pickle me; please Digg me
  • Extracurricular podcasting
  • Macworld Expo activities
  • Product Review: Griffin iTalk Pro and Belkin TuneTalk: zip file containing eight short audio clips (19.5 MB)
  • Contact info by Mignon from Absolute Science

This episode was recorded with the Griffin iTalk Pro and an iPod nano, in WAV format. Slight edits were made, and the Trypod ID and contact info were spliced into the WAV file. Finally, the show was compressed to MP3 format. I did no post-production or processing.

Link-O-Rama: Please Pickle me, Digg the show, World Bridges Podcasting Year in Review page and audio, Pickle Tales, Mac Podcaster’s Meetup/MacMingle, MacEfficiency, Macworld User Group Lounge lineup, Griffin iTalk Pro, Belkin TuneTalk, Absolute Science

Mac Podcasters’ Meetup

If you will be in San Francisco for Macworld Expo the week of January 8-12, please join us for a Mac Podcaster’s Meetup, organized by Adam Christinason of The MacCast. the meetup will take place Thursday January 11, 6 PM at the flagship Apple Store, and will be followed by the first-ever MacMingle, at Jillian’s in the Metreon shopping complex.

Find all the details here.

I’ll be participating in both events, as will much more famous people, including Leo LaPorte, Ken Ray (Mac OS Ken), Alex Lindasy (MacBreak, TWIT), Derrick Story (O’Reilly), Tod Maffin (CBC Radio, todbits), and Dave Hamilton (Mac Observer, Mac Geek Gab).

Mystery Sinus Theater

an oppossom in the Christmas tree

the ugliest ornament ever!

And for my next trick, I’ll record a show under the influence of Cointreau AND a sinus headache.

  • Shelly’s throbbing nasal passages
  • New mic, new sound
  • Tonight’s drink of choice
  • The show’s still evolving
  • Children running me ragged
  • The opossum infestation
  • Online shopping pitfalls
  • Getting to the store during the holidays
  • Mailbag
  • Macworld Expo’s acomin: what would YOU like to hear from the show?
  • Two years of podcasting…almost
  • Music to send e-mail and audio comments by

Link-O-Rama: Oade Brothers Audio, The MacCast, Deb Shadovitz’ MacEfficiency site

This Week’s Music: “It’s Easy to Sleep When You’re Dead”, by of Montreal

Material Squirrel

Holidays are in full swing, and our thoughts turn to material things. These include gifts, money, and pizza.

  • St. Nick’s Day
  • Material girls
  • Mr. microphone
  • Wish lists
  • Is that a dollar?
  • Red and black: we review The Parlor
  • Direct Download
  • What’s new?
  • Mailbag
  • Music to send e-mail and audio comments by

Link-O-Rama: Saint Nicholas Day, Judge Declares Currency Discriminatory, Dry Shave, The Poddog Show, The Big Show

This Week’s Music: “Enemy Inside”, by The Get-Outs on the Podsafe Music Network

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Let’s Talk Turkey

Studio Studio

The podcast studio, decked out with pegbooard, dropcloth wall hangings, and some podcast gear, too.

Musings on Thanksgiving, a tech segment for zune lovers, and reviews of places to eat, and podcasts to like.

  • Turkey for 25
  • Hiding in the studio
  • Chaos theory
  • Thanksgiving: happy or horror?
  • Tech Talk: Everyone hates the zune, and my theory about its failings
  • Review of The Gingerman
  • Direct Download
  • Extreme Studio Makeover
  • Podcast rethink
  • Music to send audio comments and e-mails by

Link-O-Rama: Gingerman, All Axis Radio Canada, Pickle Tales

This Week’s Music: “Deep Thoughts II”, by The George W. Bush Singers

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The More Music Show

Back to the standard show format, but with an extra large dollop of music. I’ve got a hut tub update, tech, and a restaurant review.

  • Motor mount mayhem
  • Hot tub in the hole!
  • How do I flickr?
  • Halloween on the street
  • Frank’s block party plan
  • Tech Talk: Zzzzzzune apparently has no podcast client, what’s wrong with iPod podcasting, PRODUCT(red) iPod nanos, tiny Shuffles, hot hot MacBook
  • Review of Noodleism
  • Listener Mail
  • Music to send e-mail and audio comments by

Link-O-Rama: My Flickr page, Zune review: no podcast support, PRODUCT(red) ipods, refurb Shuffles for cheap, MacBook firmware update

This Week’s Music: “Just One More”, Mad Caddies, “All Along”, Supersuckers, “You Are”, Hungry Lucy. All on the Podsafe Music Network. “Metldown Man”, Derek K. Miller

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Skypestravaganza, part deaux

More skypestravaganza fun! This week I roll out part 2 of my hundredth show celebration. We talk TV (yes, you read that right), audio commentary for movies, MST3K, Macintosh accessibility, blindcasting (or not), Shelly’s “how I learned to use the Mac” story, more accessibility stuff, Frank and other podcast guests, weather in multiple countries, The Rolling Stones in Zilker Park, football/rugby/soccer/Aussie rules, you say Brisbin, I say Brisbane, the German name game, zed, magazine writing, evil iTunes 7, and miscelaneous chatting.

We begin with greetings from Joe & Lisa of Cheap Date, and end with Steve from The Holmesgrown Podcast

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Show 100: the skypestravaganza, part 1

I invited friends and fellow podcasters to join me for a marathon skype conversation. People drifted on and off the call for several hours. We had a great time; so much so that I have to save half of it for next week.

This week we anticipate Podcast Expo (this episode was recorded a week before the expo), talk about the friends we’ve made in podcasting, moving, bad customer service, iTunes 7, Podshow, DragonCon, movies, and much much more.

And of course, big thanks to Bruce Murray from The Zedcast, and Slau for their hundredth show good wishes.

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Long time gone

The long-delayed 99th episode features all of your favorite segments, plus a Podcast Expo wrap-up. It’s a long, but lovely episode.

  • Show 100 excuses
  • Next three shows? All picked out
  • Things are still falling apart around the house
  • This old car
  • Frank’s patent
  • Tech Talk: More batteries subject to catching fire, Belkin iPod recorder
  • Politics: Foleygate’s unanswered questions
  • Dinner at Phil’s
  • Podcast expo wrapup: iProng booth duty, women in podcasting panel, I like Trypodders, no sessions for me, name dropping,
  • Mailbag: iTunes 7 and audiobooks, congratulations to Joe and Lisa
  • Contact info by Daryl from The Poddog Show
  • Music to send e-mail and audio comments by

Link-O-Rama: Cheryl Wheeler’s site, Balkin TuneTalk iPod recorder, Israelisms, Phil’s Ice House (5620 Burnet Road, Austin, TX), iProng Radio, LA Podcasters, my Women in Podcasting panel (download here), Podcast Morons, Trypod Network, What’s On Podcast, Cheap Date Show, Poddog Show, Borderline

This Week’s Music: “Midway”, by The Famous

Break Content: The SpySurfs, “Bongo”, by The Vincent Van Gogos, “Dreaming of an M16” by The Shapes, all on the Podsafe Music Network

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Questions no one has asked (yet)

Does anyone remember my old feature, “questions no one has asked”? I liked that one a lot, and I’ll be trying to bring it back to the show in the coming weeks. For now though, it belongs here on the blog, because I sense an unspoken query out there in the wind. I sense it because I know that there are unanswered messages in the gmail box, and probably elsewhere. 😉

“Shelly, why haven’t you written, called, skyped, posted, or (insert means of communication here)?”


Love to you all,