Got album art?

The swell logo at left is brought to you by the multi-talented Len from Jawbone Radio. It’s super cool, and makes me feel like a real podcaster at last. I’ve also added it to iTunes, so I’ve got what it takes to be featured on the front page of the music store any old time.

I’m ready for my close-up, Mr. DeMille.

Hurricane relief links

Please donate to hurricane relief.

We all know about the Red Cross. So many people are donating there that the site is often difficult to reach. A number of podcasters have produced hurricane relief PSAs. I’ll be playing these on future shows. If you have a podcast and would like to add a PSA, let me know and I’ll send you a link.

Link-O-Rama: Offer housing for hurricane victims ~ America’s Second Harvest ~ Charity Navigator

I’ll be repeating this blog post regularly when it scrolls off the page.

The Crawford report

This show chronicles my trip to Crawford Texas to observe and be a part of Cindy Sheehan’s vigil near president Bush’s ranch. I interview a few people, and discuss the environment in Crawford. Yes, dear friends, this is a political show. Some of you will be inspired. A few of you will not. If you don’t want to hear the opinions of people who object to the way the Bush administration has run the war, catch the next show. I’ll be back soon with a “regular” podcast. I will point out, however, that unlike most of what you see on cable news, this podcast is not an argument or a debate between ill-mannered media bullies. It’s the story of how real people who love their country choose to communicate.

Link-O-Rama: Information about coming to Crawford ~ An interesting Washington Post story from Sunday

Counting up to show 50

The next Shelly’s Podcast will be #46. My busy little brain has begun to work on the problem of how to make Show #50 a spectacular event, but one that is not self-indulgent. Your thoughts?

If you vote for me I’ll have more votes

It’s the first of the month and time for all podcasters to ask their audiences for a little love at Podcast Alley. You can vote for Shelly’s Podcast using the Vote link on the left nav bar.

To add value to my shameless request for your votes, here are the shows I’ll be voting for this month. The links below go directly to each show’s voting page.

Hey, could someone make me a script that would cast all my votes at the same time? I would like to enter the names of all my favorite shows once, then run the script each month to cast the votes. The input could be an OPML of my subscription file, but with the option to mark a subset of the list for voting.

Yeah. Someone needs to work on this for me.

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Lucky Bitch Radio
Old Wave Radio
Podcheck Weekly Review
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What the …?

As I mentioned in the podcast blog entry below, the remodeling update became obsolete about the time I posted the show. Here’s why:

Above is one of three rain-induced sheetrock cave-ins we had yesterday. You’re looking into our dining room. Beyond the shell-shocked figure in the doorway is the living room. We had some small leaks there as well, and removed the plywood covering the spot where the back door will be in order to improve ventilation and protect the hardwood floors. The boxy-looking vertical things at the left are our new windows, which were delivered just before the rain began. The builder brought them inside to protect the wood parts from the rain.

Big big show

Today my special guest is the host of The Big Show. Aaron checks in via the Skypes, and we talk about the weather…no wait, it gets better…politics, podcasting, Adam Curry, at least one old TV show, and Adam Curry. It’s a long show, but well worth your time. Also, you’ll find a prodigious number of links.

Link-o-Rama (not necessarily in order of reference)

Tune up

Despite the fact that my show did not make it to iTunes on launch day, and despite the fact that I have not had time to read the teeny tiny print in the Apple specs for iTune-izing my feed, Shelly’s Podcast is now available via iTunes.

My new best friends at Podcast Alley have added a link called iTunes Ready Feed to each show’s display page. So I would be most grateful if you would do two things: go vote for me at Podcast Alley and tell your friends to sign up to get the show via iTunes. In iTunes, chosoe Advanced > Subscribe to Podcast and paste in the contents of this link.

Thanks kids. Back soon with a new show. I’ve got bucketfuls to talk about.

My feed’s illin

Well friends, on the very day when that nice Scott Fletcher at Podcheck Weekly Review mentions my little show, and when Apple pops out the podcast-friendly version of iTunes, what do you suppose happens? I find myself with a very sick Internet connection. Since I’m hosting the feed (but not the current shows) on my own server, you probably won’t be able to subscribe until I finish beating my ISP about the head and shoulders. (Earthlink is the devil!) I hope you’ll be patient, download a show or two directly and come back later today or tomorrow to get the feed.

Time permitting, I plan to record a new show today. Time not permitting, I’ll be lucky if I get to go across the street for a sandwich.

Exes and Os to you all.



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