Pick a Title, Any Title

I’m still working on an edit for show #192, which is all about my experiences with iPhone accessibility. But even so, I press on to show #193, which I hope to record late Sunday or early Monday. It’s a lot easier than holding an iPhone in one hand, and talking into a mic.

Pick a title, make a podcaster smile.

  • Get Goin, Rowin
  • B Team Coffee
  • Promoting in the Twitterverse

32 Black (Show #191)

  • Chit chat: Welcomes, title voting
  • News: Hot June in Austin, air conditioner broken, Frank’s makes the AC “pee”, lost AC warranty found and reinstated, unit fixed in two parts, peppers and maters, tomato plants get HUGE, dad’s day, mom’s negotiating method
  • Tech Talk: Buying the iPHone 3G S, appearance on MacJury, love the camera, computer masquerading as a phone, contact pitures, more camera love, no need to buy wi-fi card or Flip cam, inviting App Store Pundit feedback
  • Feedback city

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Title Picker

If Shelly’s Podcast had the budget, I would pick show titles by means of a giant wheel, powered by a celebrity spokesmodel. But we do not, so I must rely on you, the fans of the show, to help me select just the right title for this week’s episode. Your choices for show 191, to be recorded tomorrow, June 21, are:

  • Hotness
  • Hatness
  • 32 Black

At Shelly’s Podcast, your vote counts, and we value your business. Thank you, and come again.

Assassin Bug Quotes (Show #190)

  • Chit chat: Shelly’s Podcast converts to digital, too warm in the studio
  • Title tie
  • Family reunion: email addresses on paper plates, my name in quotes, lots of folks missing, looking at old photos, uncles’ military pictures, very bad-looking home movies, seeing my parents and their new house
  • Garden time: peppers, maters, and bugs
  • Hello kitty
  • Tech Talk: iPhone 3G S and accessibility, iPhone lust, and Shelly’s theory of consumerism
  • Feedback city: Become a Shelly’s Podcast Facebook fan, check out my Friendfeed widget

Assasin bug


Link-O-Rama: Cat video, my iPhone blog post, Shelly’s Podcast Facebook page, Life of Spaguy’s Wife

Name that Title

Time once again to select a title for this weekend’s show. I’ll most likely be recording Sunday, June 14, so act now for greatest savings.

    Assassin bug nymph

  • Quotes around my name
  • Titan Impact

Prisoner of the Googleplex

  • News and shopping: Summer watering rules, Costco liquor, Texas Canadian whiskey, Texas unselect, smuggling cheap crap booze into Canada, Gay Divorcee, bicycle drag racing, Shelly tries to kill her iPod (Shelly stops, mid-story to threaten Frank, Frank stops mid-story to identify the position of the moon)
  • Tech Talk: Owned by Google, moving my domain to Google (Shelly stops, mid-story, to say nice things about old friends), Google calendar, Google Mail POP and IMAP, Frank tries to find just the right Google relationship metaphor
  • Hello Kitty: keeping us up at night, rules of the house, breaking rules of the house, the lexicon of bad kitty behavior, cat transit rules, toilet drinking, neighbor cat issues
  • Cocktail talk
  • Feedback city

Texas Spirit

Link-O-Rama: BusySync, Paula’s Texas Lemon Liqueur, Pizza Go Here

400-Volt Potato Array

  • Summer starts now
  • Episode #188: counting up to 200
  • The show note memory hole: mass high school graduation, in search of more coffee, glasses compliments at Quacks, sunglass hoarding, so old they’re cool, no white frames!
  • Summer travels: Tales of the Cocktail, waiting to pick my seminars, spirited dinners, cocktail tour, Vancouver vacation, hangin with the Canadian listeners,
  • Hello, kitty: Thanks to manager John for the new intro, Norbert released from kitty quarantine, the boys are brothers, dominant brother Rowan gives way to equal time, disturbing my sleep, will my cat video go viral.
  • Title voting and minor controversy
  • Power to the Prius: a look inside Shelly & Frank’s hive brain
  • Shameless plugs
  • Feedback city


Link-O-Rama: Tales of the Cocktail, Life of Spaguy’s Wife, Rowan and Norbert on YouTube, Frank on Twitter, Shelly on QN, Barely Podcasting

Title Choosin

Hello, kids. It’s time once again to choose a title for this week’s show. Your choices are:

  • Smartie? Not So Much
  • 400-Volt Potato Array
  • Stop Walking On My Head

Give us a vote in the comments, won’t you?

Oh My God!

  • Happy Memorial Day
  • Susan Werner entertains us
  • Kids say the !est things
  • Star Trek entertains us, but it’s all about the theater and the flat tire
  • New Kittehs: Meeting Rowan, lots of cat-getting options, the inquisitor lady, animal shelter csmorgestboard, Sunny Boy/Norbert, quarantine, Rowan the love muffin and lumbar kitteh
  • Feedback city


Link-O-Rama: Susan Werner, One World Theater, Love Long and Prosper, For Whatever Reason,Redboy Podcast

Meat Keyboard

  • Toads and other wildlife
  • Shelly dreams of meat and death
  • Frank provides precise GPS coordinates
  • News: Gardens growing, Frank murders vegetables
  • Election day: Twittering results and other election stuff, Frank wants to get some, Shelly’s boring voter counting story, Frederickburg city council
  • A not-so-rare Breed: killing poison ivy
  • Frank at loose ends
  • Mother’s Day: Frank feeds his mom, Shelly makes beercan chicken with Mexican beer, tallboys and chopsticks
  • Cocktail talk: Drinks at the Italian coffee place
  • Date nights planned and unplanned
  • VW driveby and dead end drivers
  • A different kind of lighting round: Tessla coil music
  • Feedback city

Link-O-Rama: For Whatever Reason, ArcAttack, Barely, Tastes Like Burning

This Week’s Title Is?

OK, kids, it’s time for another Shelly’s Podcast title selection poll. This week’s options:

  • Meat Keyboard
  • Ceiling Showers
  • Pepper Killer

Please vote in the comments. No wagering.

Stabbed in the Eye

  • Kiddie sleepover: little podcasters play microphone, tired non-parents, hot tubbin, call and response, playscape and shoes, nature walking with Frank
  • Garden completed and beautiful
  • Tomato cage attack
  • Enjoying the garden and the frogs
  • Guns drawn, TVs blasting
  • Cocktail talk
  • Cinco de mayo in blah blah Ohio
  • Feedback city

Link-O-Rama: Cheryl Wheeler, Redboy Podcast

This Week’s Title Is?

OK, kids, it’s time for another Shelly’s Podcast title selection poll. This week’s options:

  • Stabbed in the Eye
  • You Can’t Catch Me
  • Guns Drawn

Please vote in the comments. No wagering.

Cheryl Wheeler Interview

click to play episode

Cheryl Wheeler is a renowned singer/songwriter. You may not know her, but you’ve heard her songs, covered by artists including Dan Seals, Kathy Mattea, Suzy Bogguss, Bette Midler, Peter Paul & Mary, and Garth Brooks. In folk circles, she is among the most well-regarded writers and performers of her generation. She tours the US regularly, delighting audiences with a mix of beautiful ballads, and hilarious stories and funny songs.

I have run a mailing list for Cheryl’s fans since 1996. The interview featured in this podcast was conducted in Austin, Texas on April 25. Cheryl has just released a new album, Pointing at the Sun. It is her tenth full-length studio album, and first independent release. Cheryl recorded six albums for Rounder Records. In 2003, I produced a compilation of her unrecorded work for members of the mailing list. That two-disc item is called No Previous Record.

You’ll hear me talk about the mailing list a lot in the interview. Cheryl has been very supportive of me and the list. I asked members to submit questions before the interview. Here is a cheat sheet for those who don’t know Cheryl Wheeler or her music.

Tony = Cheryl’s manager, Tony Gottlieb
Cathleen = Cheryl’s partner
Kenny = Kenny White, singer/songwriter and frequent collaborator w/Cheryl. Kenny produced four songs on Pointing at the Sun.
Ben = Ben Wisch, producer of several of Cheryl’s albums, and seven PATS tracks.
The backhoe man = the hero of Cheryl’s song, “His Hometown” form the Sylvia Hotel album.

Cheryl Wheelr & Shelly Brisbin

Link-O-Rama: Cheryl’s Web site, Order Pointing at the Sun on CD, Cheryl on iTunes, Cheryl at Amazon MP3, Cheryl Wheeler Mailing List, Kenny White

Drunk Girl (and it’s not me)

  • Inside Shelly’s Podcast baseball
  • Neko Case in Austin: staking out space, tall and not-so-tall guys get acquainted, drunk girl arrives, drunk girl meets Eric, men are entertained by drunk girl, Mary Jane stops by, Neko’s show, Shearwater
  • Kindergarten bowling: bowling balls and bikes, Milton, falling down, fab Frank is the star
  • Project Terror
  • Feedback city

Bowling Ball Cupcakes

Link-O-Rama: Redboy Podcast, Life of Spaguy’s Wife, Wicked Good Podcast, App Store Pundit, Pizza Go Here

Yard Birds

Hey kids. I should say right off the bat that my energy wasn’t the best for this show, and that the wind was more of a factor this week than it was the last time I recorded outside. I decided to pull the trigger anyway. Better show next time.

  • Birds drop in
  • What are you wearing?
  • Cocktail talk
  • Are we interesting?
  • News: The girls turn six, missing dad, kids in the digital world, office speakers
  • Tech talk: ditching the KVM, Mac-like reverse video on the PC, Stickam hack,
  • Feedback city

Link-O-Rama: Redboy Podcast, VNCTastes Like Burning, The Big Show

Two Beers Over the Limit

  • News: Frank buys cookies, good luck wishes, inauguration watch party, National Pie Day, Shelly offends the bacon lobby
  • Frank buys fancy beer
  • The leaky hot tub
  • Help me podcast with a 5-year old
  • Cocktail talk: orange bitters
  • Project Terror
  • Tech talk: computer sickness
  • Feedback city
  • Dad

Link-O-Rama: The Settlement Home, AndyCast, Life of Spaguy’s Wife, National Pie Day, Amateur Traveler Podcast, Regan’s Orange Bitters #5, For Whatever Reason, Pizza Go Here

Movie Star Dad

Famous Varmints

At Christmastime, 2006, we had an unwelcome visitor. I talked about it on the show at the time. Now, the photo has been published on the front page of the Life section in our local paper, The Austin American-Statesman. Here’s a slightly edited excerpt of the way I told the story on the show. at the time, I had a cold and hadn’t adjusted to my new mic, so it all might sound a little funny.


This show is about my dad’s recent stroke, and its impact on our family. It’s not a sad show, but it is an honest one. I hope to be back next week with more usual Shelly’s Podcast fare.

Levers & Knobs

  • Anticipating the red door: paint matching, conversing about doorknobs, getting me to turn loose of a dollar
  • Fall volunteering: blood marketing, at the local campaign HQ, making my own job, I learn about salesmanship, meeting Lucy Baines Johnson, the egomaniacs and the condescenders, Frank watches the polls and builds a sign, listening to returns, the alternative to e-nite parties
  • Cocktail talk
  • Project Terror
  • Birthday greetings for Frank?
  • Feedback City

Link-O-Rama: Election day slideshow, Atomic Suburbia, ginger curry recipe, App Store Pundit, Life of Spaguy’s Wife, AmdyCast

Old as Sh…

  • Anniversary planning: secret plans, many October weddings,
  • Gremmy’s health issues: how we got the ancient cat, WARNING: don’t google kitty medical problems, the substitute vet, massaging the legs
  • Politics is EVERYWHERE: politics in the office?, Frank’s blue shirt, candidate cookies are back, my political over-twittering
  • Project Terror: concrete done, no leak/yes leak, tub replacement gambit
  • Tech Talk: like the new nanos, my new podcast, App Store Pundit
  • Feedback City

Baked Gremlin

Link-O-Rama: Redboy Podcast, talking politics in the office, App Store Pundit, Desperate Husbands, Air Sharing

Today’s intro music “Hole in the Ground” by Mekons, courtesy of the Podsafe Music Network.